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3 Mermaids Cafe & Restaurant, Pattaya

Mermaids Cafe & Restaurant is a large cafe and restaurant on Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya, next to the sea and has a panoramic sea view that is 100 meters wide.

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Mermaids Cafe & Restaurant is a large cafe and restaurant located at 286/5 Soi Kasetsin 11, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi 20150, on Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya, next to the sea and has a panoramic sea view that is 100 meters wide. And a bird's nest that can actually sit and eat 4-6 people. The restaurant serves almost all types of food, including Thai food, European food, international food, seafood, bakery, desserts, all kinds of beverages, wine, draft beer, suitable for all ages. We also have live music from 5pm onwards, bring your friends and bring your girlfriend, you won't be disappointed. It is considered a new landmark of Pattaya that must not be missed.

Will invite friends or girlfriends to chill and see the sunset view at the shop Beautiful from the front of the parking lot decorated with colored grass. Feel very festive, the festival is full. Inside, the view is the best. Full view of the sea, good atmosphere including net seats to see Koh Larn, bird's nest arches, sleeping sofas, bean bags by the pool, luxury air-conditioned rooms And there is a clear dome that has just opened for service. Which style do you want according to you, you can find a seat And there will be a beautiful live band as well.

Mermaids Cafe & Restaurant

Mermaids Cafe & Restaurant, there are both restaurants and cafes on Pratumnak Hill. The front of the shop is wide, big and spacious, allowing us to see a very wide panoramic sea view. Great atmosphere There are many zones to sit, such as Indoor, juicy air conditioner, Outdoor, sit in the cool breeze, bird's nest, netted hammock by the pool under the big tree. No matter where you sit in the shop, you can see the sky, the sea, the sunset at every point. Suitable for sitting and relaxing. sit and watch the sunset with a beautiful atmosphere There are also many foods and styles for you to choose from as well.

Highlights of Cafe Mermaids Cafe and Restaurant

Bird's nest zone that can seat 4-6 people ever In addition to having a beautiful view still get the most privacy But the shop requires customers to buy a voucher for 2000 baht, while the sofa table with net in front is 1000 baht (there is also a table that does not stick to the cliff. Not compulsory to buy a voucher) This 1000 voucher can order drinks and food straight away. Pay only the difference And the bird's nest zone is another beautiful sunset spot. and very romantic At another point, order food, snacks, drinks and sit in the sun, the sound of the waves and the wind. I can say that I am so satisfied that I don't want to go home.

Introducing the best food menu at Cafe Mermaids Cafe and Restaurant

Today, Mermaid's presents a new menu. "Pineapple Baked Rice" Let me tell you that ours is full of equipment! Big shrimp, bouncy meat. with flavors and aromas of spices that are unique to the restaurant Hurry up and try it.
Good atmosphere like this Get a tray of pizza and a glass of cold drink and you'll be satisfied. Anyone who likes western food but still loves Thainess, add me to recommend this menu. Sprinkle with crispy fried basil leaves. Let me tell you that it's delicious and not allergic to other faces.
Today Three Mermaids presents the “Barron Point Oyster”.
This type of oyster There are breeding grounds off the coast of Washington, USA in the southern part of the country. This makes the shell of this oyster look round. cup body of deep shell Along with the sea water on the southern coast of Washington, there are many nutrients. And the salinity of the sea water is not much, giving Baron Point a soft taste. Not too salty and the flesh of Baron Point oysters also contains glycogen, which makes the flesh juicy and sweet.
New menu “BBQ Pork Ribs BBQ Pork Ribs” large pieces of pork ribs. Marinated with the restaurant's special barbecue sauce. soft and tender Served with mashed potatoes, various side dishes and 3 flavors of dipping sauce. See you at 3 Mermaids.

Meat lovers should not miss!!! meet with
"Premium Tomahawk Steak / Premium Tomahawk Steak" is a premium grade imported meat. Australian Beef Served with black pepper sauce Spicy dipping sauce and side dishes.
Delicious, refreshing, non-alcoholic.

New!!! Signature Mocktail “Colour Pink”
“Color Pink”, a new mocktail that will definitely refresh you. Slightly sweet with Strawberry Juice & Peach Syrub.
New!!! Signature Mocktail

“Emerald Of The Sea” Emerald of the Sea, an emerald green mocktail with up to 5 flavors in one glass, definitely refreshing.
Details of the shop

Opening and closing time:

Friday 10:00–22:00

Saturday 10:00–22:00

Sunday 10:00–22:00

Monday 10:00–22:00

Tuesday 10:00–22:00

Wednesday 10:00–22:00

Thursday 10:00–22:00

Shop contact number: 098 516 0227

Address: 286/5 Soi Kasetsin 11, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi 20150

Store website or page: 3 Mermaids Cafe & Restaurant